Lazy Dog Ranch Inc.
& Dapper Dog Salon
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Ranch Bragging Rights
Inclusive Pricing
Extended Hours
Arrange Check in by appointment
Sunday and Holiday Service.
Family Owned and Operated.
Clean, comfortable sleep dens.
Large, enclosed grass play yard.
Puppies welcome.
Up to 6 hours playtime daily + 7:30 am and  9:00 pm walks.
Individual Diets Encouraged,
Raw Diets, Cooked Diets OK.
No Medication Fee
 Sub Q and IM injections OK
Heated/Air Conditioned
Prompt Waste Clean Up.
Fully Supervised Playtime.
Sociability evaluation over time not "instantly", allows us to get to know the dogs more safely.
Personal Bedding welcome
Toys and chew things welcome
Tours and Visits welcome
Credit Cards accepted
Personal Checks accepted
Veterinarian recommended
Vaccination flexibility
28 years experience

Dapper Dog Salon

Master Groomers
All Breeds Welcome
Cat Grooming
Individual Care and Attention.
Plant based organic styling products.
Safe, Modern equipment
 Style Suggestions welcomed
Advance Booking option
Gentle and Quiet Stylists
Patience is our Priority

We have been providing family style pet care and professional grooming services for over 25 years and we would love to have you join our client family.
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