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Rates and Information

Boarding and Daycare Rates

Rates for boarding will be calculated by multiplying the number of calendar days in your reserved stay by rate. We do not charge by the night. Pay cash(bills) at check in and save 10% 

Call for details about charges 

 "workingmans" playcare $16.00 (2+ visits per week with a regular schedule)

Occasional visitors Daycare $20.00

Express Service, Flexible Schedule, Check in with a personalized time/apt.

 Learn about our secure express check out area and stop worrying about a closing time!
Emergency check ins late in the day may be charged a $10.00 fee  and may not always be available so please plan ahead.

Semi-Private and Private Care and Playtime

$28.00-$30.00/ calendar day 
website rates are current rates on other sites may not reflect current rates I apologize for the internet:)

Salon Rates

Toe nail trims $12.00
Small Breed Haircuts $38.00  +/-
Medium Breed Haircuts $48.00 +/-
Large Breed Haircuts $58.00 +/-
Short Coated Breeds $20.00 to $40.00
Tips n Tails and "touch ups" vary by appointment
Price incentives for regular bookings

Our groomers are members of our co-operative effort.  Each groomer works for themselves but under our mission to provide detailed and safe grooms. Style and experience levels will vary please talk to us about your needs.

*Please feel free to call with your questions.  Text to 970-482-1103 or email us through the contact page.
** Salon services are available by appointment you may contact us directly or ask your favorite groomer for a direct number so that they may better help you when you need to schedule an appointment.
***Registration is required before reservations can be made for daycare or boarding. Tours are available upon request.  Text your email address 970-482-1103 along with a request for registration information and a packet will be emailed to you within 12 hours.
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