Lazy Dog Ranch Inc.
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"Messy (Pet) Beds"
Small (aprox 15"x15")... 20$
Medium (aprox 25"x25")... 21$
Large (aprox 45"x45")... 22$

ships anywhere in U.S. for $5.00
until we get the "store" organized please email us and we can tell you what colors are currently available and get your mailing and payment information. 
We make the "MeSSy (Pet) BED"s at the Dragon Pepper Ranch (which is just like the Lazy Dog Ranch only for horses). 
 The "MeSSy (Pet) BED" , our latest project was  inspired by our calico barn cat .  We wanted something really warm to put in her nest but didn't want to have to plug it in. Layers of fleecey comfort, space age warmth reflecting technology and plush quilting seemed like just the thing. Then, after seeing how much she loves it we wanted every pet to have one!
Our Promise is to donate one "MeSSy (Pet) BED" to a local animal rescue for every three we sell. With a little help from pet owners everywhere we will be able to help rescued cats and dogs take a new
"MeSSy (Pet) BED" to their forever homes!
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